experiment discussion

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Choose and participate in an online social psychology experiment you will find at: https://www.socialpsychology.org/expts.htm. Make sure that you choose an experiment that you will be able to relate to some social psychology theory or concept that we learned about in this class. Describe your study and analyze the aspect of social psychology theory or concept as it relates to the experiment. And make sure your posts include the information below.


  • Description: Report the name of the experiment you participated in and provide a web link to it. You should also include the name of the experimenter and/or school sponsoring the experiment, if it is provided. Describe the experiment you participated in with appropriate detail (not so much detail that it’s hard to follow, but enough detail that we will understand what you did).
  • Analysis: Using information from your classroom readings and any other references you’d like to include, identify at least one social psychology theory or concept was involved in this experiment and explain how is it related to this experiment. Compare what the researchers told you about the reason for their study before you participated to why you think they conducted the study after participating. Were they truthful and forthcoming in their explanation? Did they keep anything from you?
  • Opinion: Why do you think this experiment was designed the way it was? Did you learn anything new about yourself and/or social psychology by participating in this experiment? If the experiment included a formal debriefing (where they explain why they are actually conducting the study), do you feel they did a good job explaining things? If the experiment did not include a formal debriefing, what would you like to have been told in such a debriefing?

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