exploiting the global diffusion of sophisticated information, financial, and transportation networks.

Based on the attached report.

-History of Climate Change

– Demographic Trends

-Economic Trends

-Socio-Cultural Trend

-Political Trend

-Technological trends

-Physical, Environmental Trends

All of them must be related to Climate change and with examples. External sources can be used but must be cited. More focus on the attached report.December 2000

Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernment Experts

This paper was approved for publication by the National Foreign Intelligence Board under the author- ity of the Director of Central Intelligence.

Prepared under the direction of the National Intelligence Council.

NIC 2000-02

13 December 2000

From the Director of Central Intelligence

I am pleased to introduce Global Trends 2015, which takes a look at the world over the next 15 years from the perspective of the national security policymaker. This is not a traditional intelligence assessment, depending on classified sources and methods. Rather, it reflects an Intelligence Community fully engaged with outside experts in a constructive dialogue about the future. I want to encourage this lively exchange.

From the beginning of this ambitious project in fall 1999, we intended to make GT-2015 an unclassified assessment to be shared with the public. Experts from academia, think-tanks and the corporate world have made major contributions, and their reactions, along with those of other specialists who will see our work for the first time, will strengthen our continuing analysis of the issues covered in GT-2015. Grappling with the future is necessarily a work in progress that, I believe, should constantly seek new insights while testing and revising old judgments.

I hope that GT-2015 will contribute to a growing strategic dialogue in the US Government that will help our country meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. I look forward to your comments.