exploring another culture’s monsters, writing homework help

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Thre are other ways to approach this project as well. You may also be interested in exploring another culture’s monsters. In your research and writing process, consider the cultural relevance, impact, and context of the monster(s) you are considering. You might also wish to explore the science behind the monster or the fear as well as scientific/rational explanations for myths. Be creative and try to find something that will keep you engaged. You will research your topic, synthesize the information that you gather, and present it to your audience in the form of a scholarly essay.

The subject is about vampires, I have the sources 3 articles and 2 chapters from books. Also,I have an annotated biography and you can use it in the paper( copy& paste)

Please note the following:

1. Papers must have no fewer than 5 pages, but no more than 8.

2. All papers must have at least four external, scholarly sources—four is a bare minimum; at least five is preferable. NONE of these sources should be from the internet. Please rely on scholarly sources (journal articles, chapters in books, etc.).

3. Your paper should use MLA-style parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page.

4. Please type your essay, using double-spacing and leaving 1” margins on each side of the page.

5. Your paper should have a title and an introductory paragraph that promote interest.

6. Your paper should contain a clearly stated thesis and an essay map that gives the reader a sense of the key points you will address and how your essay will be organized. The thesis should be at the end of introduction.

7. You should provide adequate support for all claims about the focal issue and/or the status of knowledge on the focal issue.

8. Make sure that the paper has a logical organization aided by effective transitions (between sentences, paragraphs, and sections).

9. Your paper should demonstrate thorough, accurate, and stylistically effective attribution of source material.

10. Cutting and pasting material off the Internet without acknowledgement constitutes plagiarism. It is, of course, no less serious to steal ideas and words from this source than from any other, and such a violation of the honor code will be treated accordingly.


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