Exploring the evidence base for nursing in relation to decision making in practice.

A case study exploring the evidence base for nursing in relation to decision making in
Part A – Select only one from the 3 case studies presented. Discuss this case to include
the physiology, appropriate theories and evidence base for at least 2 of the decisions
made within the case study supporting with contemporary literature. Explore the lifestyle
choices made in your case study and the impact of this on the health and wellbeing of the
case study and the wider family.
Part B – Make future positive lifestyle choices recommendations involving other health
professionals, concluding with development of your own future practice.
Both Part A and Part B need to be completed to achieve all the Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module, with limited guidance, students will
be able to:
Subject-Specific Knowledge, Understanding & Application
a) Recognise the evidence base and range of factors involved in decision making
and demonstrate an ability to apply to nursing practice.
b) Examine the evidence base and participate in opportunities to influence positiv
lifestyle choices in individuals, families and communities.
c) Examine situations and question with transparency and candour the
appropriateness of nursing care underpinned by evidence base
d) Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the Anatomy and physiology of the hum
Employability & Changemaker Skills
e) Within the context of health recognise personal and professional challenges and
identify potential solutions.
f) Reflect on personal contribution to the team and identify strategies for selfdevelopment.