You must address the following points in your paper (see grading rubric):

  • Introduction to your paper (approx. ½ page)
  • Presentation of the content (approx 4¼ pages)
    1. Describe the 2 research studies you chose for this paper (study purpose and research question(s), theoretical or conceptual framework if one was stated, methods, findings/results, study limitations, implications and recommendations)
    2. As you consider your future practice as a nursing student in long term care, which of the 2 papers do you prefer or stood out to you as more useful than the others? Why? Here you might address readability, presentation of information, interest, strength of the research, feasibility to implement findings or recommendations, etc.
    3. How can you use the findings/results of the study you chose as your preference (as chosen in section #2) to guide your own nursing practice/care in long term care?
    4. How would you implement the findings in your practice? What barriers and facilitators do you foresee to implementing findings? You may use first person in this section as I am asking about how YOU would use this information.
  • A closing paragraph (approx. ¼ page)


You must attach the full texts (complete papers) from your 2 research studies and include the citation information in the reference list.  PAPERS WILL NOT BE MARKED WITHOUT THESE ATTACHED.