FC Health Systems Management Annotated Bibliography

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Plagiarism Check

References and Citations must be cited in APA 7th Edition. 

General Instructions:

Purpose: The purpose of this written lab is to assess your ability to critically examine and understand key information that relates to reducing surgical wait list for elective surgeries within an Ontario hospital setting and determine whether you have conducted key research and understood fundamental factors and information to address a proposed solution. Key questions are used to examine your critical thinking, creative analysis, and writing skills. 

Length: This assignment must be completed in WORD and involves answering key questions that are detailed in page 2 of this assignment. Remember there are a total of two annotations required for this assignment that require a comprehensive critical assessment of reputable journals. You will use key words to research relevant reputable Canadian journal articles that are from 2011 and onward. Each annotation must consist of 350 words each. Each annotation must use the “evaluative” perspective. As noted above, this is an individual assignment and it must conform to APA 7 referencing and writing style guidelines. A main rubric is used to assess/grade your lab. Resources re: APA are posted on FOL. Style: Times New Roman 


The following are the minimum standards for all written assignments:

? Integrity: Ensure your assignment contains no plagiarized segments. If it does, it will be considered an academic offence. Note: Quotations and paraphrasing of any source without proper in-text citations and attached reference list is considered plagiarism.

Detailed Instructions

Using the research database on the library website and training tools and instructions provided (i.e. search for PubMed or ProQuest) or google scholar, you will research two Canadian scholarly journal articles (not from the Internet) and complete two annotations. Please only use journal articles that are Canada and/or Ontario based. The more recent the better, (i.e. closer to the year 2021).

Ensure that your article relates to Canadian hospitals wait lists and select two key words to use to research an article include: “wait time”, “non-elective surgery”, “financial accountability” and “priority level”. The annotated bibliographies must be structured in the proper format and answer the following key questions.

1) Key problem/topic identified/discussed;

2) Data employed for analysis;

3) Findings and/or conclusions; and

4) Your critical assessments.


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