FILM 110 University of California Irvine Marks Video Haptics and Erotics 1998 Questions

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Please read the attached file ” Marks Video Haptics and Erotics” and then respond to the following prompts in full sentences, using correct grammar and avoiding typos. I encourage you to make specific references to the original text and/or incorporate short, relevant quotes into your responses. There is no specific right answer to these prompts; they are designed to help you think critically and form your own ideas.

(P.S.Each response should be approximately 100 words!!!!!)

1. How would you paraphrase (i.e. explain in your own words) the concept that Marks’ refers to as “haptic visuality”?

2. What are some of the important qualities that Marks says a work of media or a media form more generally should have in order to be “haptic”?

3. How does Marks understand the relationship between viewer and film? What are some of the new ways she is proposing we should think about that relationship?

4. Marks talks primarily about video as a haptic media. What is a different example of a media form that you think fits well with Marks’ description of haptic media? How is it “haptic”?

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