Film Report 2 [FR2]

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You are expected to submit Film Reports in your Assignments in LEO as designated in the “Due Dates” notices in our 8-week Schedule. [You should also copy and paste your 1st draft (marked “Rough [or First] Draft”) in this, our Film Reports Discussion Forum.] I will grade the Reports and offer editorial critique, and return them to you (in your Assignments/User Progress) for revision. You should then revise the Report, creating a final version that you will return to me by email as an attachment (with a file name such as “JaneSmith_FR1_FINAL.doc”), and copy and paste the Report into your posting (labeled “FINAL” at the top of the first page) in the Film Reports Discussion Forum, replacing your 1st Draft [Please let me know if you have any questions about this process.]

You will post these revised final drafts (as pasted text, not attachments, if possible; otherwise please attach them) in the Film Reports Discussion Forum, so that you may read and comment on each others’ reports. In this Film Reports Discussion Forum create a new “Topic” with your name, and consistently post your Film Reports entries under this new topic; feel free to comment within each other’s topic areas, but keep your Reports under the topic of your name.

By the time the semester concludes, you will have written and posted two Film Reports.

Please post the rough and final drafts of your Film Reports here, along with responses to those of your classmates.

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