fin408 Saudi electronic university COOP Training Final Report & Presentation

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I need to prepare a final report for my COOP period.

The final report should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Also good references.

I spent my COOP training period with SABIC company with “Account Payable – Invoice Management” department, lets prepare and write and introduction about the company and its departments in general and lets talk about “Account Payable – Invoice Management” in details, the department is responsible for receiving and recording all invoices claims from key vendors who provide raw material, feed, utilities and services for SABIC affiliates.

The process starts when the vendors posts a request on E-SSI “Electronic Strategic Supplier Invoice” system which is a system links SABIC with all vendors. We as employees receive the request, fill all data in E-SSI and direct it for the focal point who is responsible to verify, and then after verification the request is being processed for payment. during the payment process it goes to different levels for approval depend on the amount to be paid. finally it goes to cash management team to issue the payment order.

I attached 3 periodic reports for the tasks I performed during my training, include all information in final report.

I attached some examples for final report and presentation.

I will also send some pictures to include in the report and presentation. Screenshots of E-SSI system and the process of posting the bills in E-SSI.

I attached final presentation guideline.

Also I attached a presentation about E-SSI you can use to elaborate more and speak in details about E-SSI.

Final report is 15 pages minimum, and presentation is 10 slides minimum.

If you need more information let me know.

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