Final Questions

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as you are answering the questions please take not of this:

– the professor is very into other cultures and open to other cultures.

– the group final project that I did with him was a non-profit organization called global youth.

– it was really good to work on my final project with a group and share ideas and experiences with each other I learn a lot.

– I did a paper on Amazon and whole food.

– the professor is a really positive person and wants his students to be future leaders. thus he is not lean but is very great.

– the only thing I didn’t like about this course is the feeling that it is my last course in college and how stressed I am to do great in everything and stressed about my future.

**** Please answer the following questions with this background and if you need anything else you will find it in the syllabus or feel free to ask me. don’t use hard words and stay simple please.


1. What are YOUR three key takeaway topics from this course? Explain them and how you will apply these in your future endeavors. 25 POINTS

2. Identify three POSITIVE features/aspects of your team. Why are these important to you? 25 POINTS

3. What did you LIKE/NOT LIKE about the course AND what would you KEEP/CHANGE in this course (DO NOT DISCUSS TEAM ASSIGNMENTS). Explain. 25 POINTS

4. Highlight your understanding and the application of marketing, accounting, strategy, organizational design, operational analytics, and critical thinking) in this course. Explain. 25 POINTS


A. Each question is to be answered and discussed on one full-page, SINGLE-spaced, 10 OR 12-point block font (e.g., Times Roman, Helvetica). Think about your answers carefully first. Then write a well-structured response that expresses your thoughts…25 points per question…SINGLE-SPACED….DID I MENTION THAT THE PAPER IS TO BE SINGLE-SPACED? A FULL PAGE OF TEXT….OH YES, AND SINGLE-SPACED! (Some of you continue to hand-in double spaced work….please single-spaced)!

B. Name and Date ONLY in the header of each page (NO gaps of white space).

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