FIU Fixed and Growth Mindset Discussion

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The text focused on examining adolescents motives and beliefs about success and failure as predictors of achievement. There are other factors, however, that influence achievement; for example, Growth Mindset. After watching Dweck’s video on Growth MindsetLinks to an external site., think about how individuals with growth and with fixed mindsets approach being successful in college. How would they differ? In writing your response, consider how they’d approach studying, on campus involvement, receiving an F on an assignment, and other challenges college students face. If you feel comfortable doing so, please share what you believe your own mindset it and how it’s impacted how you approach this course. 


Our choice of which occupation to pursue is based on a number of factors including our social development, our traits, and our experiences. Many colleges, including FIU, have career centersLinks to an external site. to help guide students in selecting and achieving their career goals. These offices typically provide opportunities to learn about different careers, engage in mock interviews, and help with career searches. FIU’s Center for Career and Talent Development even holds resume workshops and hosts career fairs with employers like Baptist Hospital, the FBI, and Miami-Dade Police Department. This is a very valuable resource for students with a clear idea of what they want to do after they graduate but may not provide enough help for students who haven’t figure out which career to pursue. What kind of guidance and opportunities would those students who are, in Marcia’s and Erikson’s words, still in a career moratorium and trying to figure out their career destination? Based on what you’ve learned about adolescent development, do you think the average 18-year-old entering college has a clear idea of what career pathway to pursue? Why or why not?

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