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Chapter 1

SPORT PSYCH–Definition

History of sport psych


Coleman Griffith



De Coubertin


3 types of sport psychologists:





Multicultural issues—race and gender

Diversity, inclusiveness

Race—white privilege, race thinking, racist thinking, cultural competence

Multicultural training, universalistic model, cultural compatibility model

Gender, feminism, sexism

–title IX

Sexual orientation

Homophobic behavior


Heterosexist behavior

Morrow & Gill (2003)

Sexual exploitation

Quid pro quo

Hostile environment

• Define sports psychology

• Identify the History and Historians of sport psychology: Triplett, Coleman Griffith, Ogilvie, Martens,De Coubertin, Puni

• Explain the 3 types of sport psychologists: Clinical/counseling, Educational, and Research

• Describe the ethical and multicultural issues in sport psychology; discuss the race/ gender, Diversity, inclusiveness

• Classify how race has an impact on Sport psychology; white privilege, race thinking, racist thinking, and cultural competence

• Explain how receiving multicultural training, universalistic model, cultural compatibility model affects someone in the sport psychology field

• Discuss how gender, feminism, sexism plays a role in sport psychology

• Define title IX

• Describe how sexual orientation, homophobic behavior, homophobia, and heterosexist behavior has an impact on the sport psychology field-Morrow & Gill (2003)

• Identify sexual exploitation in sport psych and quid pro quo, and being in a hostile environment

NOTE: “Completing the outline, reading the textbook, reviewing the Power Point, and completing the written assignment will allow you to meet the above learning objectives.” (K. Kardiasmenos, personal communication)

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