For this week’s discussion, please list three things you have learned

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300 words 

2 References

For this week’s discussion, please list three things you have learned after exploring this week’s learning material.


This course prepares the student to identify common symptoms for the diagnosis and management of common health issues. The criteria for diagnosis, including diagnostic studies, will be discussed. This course will place an emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, and health screenings across the lifespan, and providing culturally competent care.  Professional, ethical, and legal issues are addressed.

MSN Program-FNP End of Program Learning Outcomes 

  • Integrate nursing and related sciences into the delivery of care to clients across diverse healthcare settings.

Create effective interdisciplinary organizational and systems leadership in the care of clients in diverse healthcare settings.

Analyze quality initiatives to improve health outcomes across the continuum of care.

Apply practice guidelines to improve practice and health outcomes.

Relate information and communication technologies to document and improve health outcomes.

Examine the effect of legal, ethical, and regulatory processes on healthcare delivery, practice, and health outcomes.

Employ collaborative interprofessional strategies for improving client and population health outcomes.

Evaluate the effectiveness of clinical prevention interventions that affect individual and population-based health outcomes, perform risk assessments, and design plans or programs of care.

Relate knowledge of illness and disease management to providing evidence-based care to clients, communities, and vulnerable populations in an evolving healthcare delivery system.


Please post 300 words in your initial post

Please include 2 references.

Diagnosis, Symptom and Illness Management

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