1) Write a detailed and thorough answer to this case question. Your answer should utilize information you intend to include in your case. Pretend that you’ve been asked to analyze the case you’re writing and that your answer to this question represents an assigned case analysis. Answer the question directly (as though you were the one doing the case analysis). You should rely on strategic management and theories to structure your analysis.


2) Write a one-page outline of your case. This outline should include the major section headings and subheadings you intend to use with brief one-sentence descriptions of the content of these sections and subsections.




Q – What would you say are the top challenges in the next five years for the merged system at Baylor Scott & White healthcare and for healthcare leaders who are facing a large-scale integration? Also include competitors of Baylor Scott & White- Provide examples.


For this case question, put together a list of information a hypothetical reader would need in order to provide a satisfactory response (bullet points are fine). Be specific.