GC Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee Adaptation Discussion

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Find an article (must be from a scholarly source – do not use popular sources such as magazine/commercial websites) that relates to the post.  Use the article information to add something new (at least 3 unique points) to the discussion.  

Post that you are responding to, FIND ARTICLE FOR THIS POST:

When I read challenge #2 and #3, I immediate thought about a department manager I have encountered. I have always considered myself an employee that tries to adapt to my environment. This manager, which I still struggle with seeing as a leader because of how indirect and ill-tempered she is, made it very difficult to adapt to the environment because she would constantly change her answers depending on who is asking or change her parameters depending on who she needs to fit in. This manager walked into work everyday with a negative and frustrating attitude usually because she had to wear multiple hats and constantly answer to her boss for everything. Most of us as employee usually sympathis with her because of the pressures she faced from upper leadership. Knowing what she usually expects from us was usually difficult because she was never very clear. although she poses many aspects of challenges # 1-4 when I think of her management style I think of the pressure of wearing multiple hats leader and the chameleon leader. She displays the chameleon management style because she usually tells her employees one thing and then turn around a tell her upper management another. She also wore multiple hats which caused her to feel pressured everyday that most likely made it difficult for her to show up as her best self. She had to manage her department, she also had to manage the entire store sometimes and other times she had to job in a job class and help her team out.


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