GCU Exploring Education Cyberbullying and Cultural Perspectives Questions

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6.1 Assignment

Discuss pros and cons of American educational system (K-12 and post-secondary education) as assessed against any Adlerian principle of your choice (see earlier weeks). Your submission must be approximately 350 words with at least two references.

6.2 Discussion

Find a news article or a social media post (can’t be anything identifiable or drawn from your or your friends/relatives’ lives) concerning cyberbullying. Create a proposal of an Adlerian-based intervention for that situation. Your plan must involve internal stakeholders only, be encouraging, practical, and involve no cost beyond what regular costs of operations for the institution in question would be.

Before posting your proposal for discussion, post your proposed solution to your social media page and solicit feedback. In your 350-word post on your social media page, briefly describe the situation (you may provide a link if available), describe your solution, and share any feedback that you have received on your social media page.

6.3 Discussion

Review this week discussions through the lens of culture – your culture, others’ culture.

What do you see that you have not noticed before?

How might a cultural framework change the conversation?


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