GCU Utilizing Goal Designing Projects with Students Questions

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Components of the paper: 

  1. Restate your specific and measurable goal.  This needs to be a SMART goal.  If I provided grading comments with Part I be sure they were addressed.  (5 pts) 
  2. Did you succeed in working towards your goal-Why?  Did you not succeed-  Why not? (5 pts)
  3. What stage of change are you now in?  Explain.    (5 pts)
  4. What was something positive you learned from this? Explain. (5 pts)
  5. What was something that helped or could have helped you reach your goal? Explain. (5 pts)
  6. Will you continue?  Why or why not?  If so, please rewrite your goal and alter it if needed. (5 pts)
  7. You deserve a reward for giving this project a try. Did you reward yourself yet? If not, what will you do and when? (2 pts)
  8. How could you utilize a goal-designing project with your (future) students? (2)
  9. Turn in your record-keeping for the whole semester; in other words, submit the logs where you kept track of your new behavior. You may paste this inside your paper or it may be a second attachment along with your paper.  Do not provide me with more than two attachments or points will be lost. Thanks.  (6 pts) 

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