General Healthcare Technology Trends Discussion Question

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In response to your peers, discuss the contribution of genes and the environment in the determination of who we are.

Classmate # 1 Pamela  

The reason that this experiment is so vital is because there are thousands of sets of twins, but even though they are genetically the same, they vary ever so slightly. Wither it’s food preferences, music choice, or personality. There is also the case of illness; one twin might get sick, and the other doesn’t. I like how the experiment concentrated on how the genetics changed over time, and compared twins not only to each other but to other sets of another age group. Heredity is something that is a gamble. For example, my mom has a genetic auto-immune illness, but yet me and my brother both do not possess the gene that would allow us to get this illness

Classmate # 2 Robert

The reason as to why genetically identical mice can look so different, is a matter of genes. As the mice are genetically the same, some genes are turned “on” or “off”. This allows the genetically identical mice to have different appearance. In this case, DNA methylation, or the methyl group will attach to a gene controlling its behavior. Controlling if it is “on” or “off”. 

To me, this is absolutely mind blowing. Humans can alter what genes show their presence and what genes do not. This can be done on the scientific scale, but also by the individual, through certain lifestyle habits. With that information, it would make sense as to why certain ways of living can lead to similar effects as other living the same lifestyles. Looking at society, peoples lifestyles have a clear impact on their body and appearance, but the fact that it also changes what we can’t see. Being able to change the body on the genetic level throws me for a loop. Very interesting and very cool. Definitely learned a lot from this video!

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