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In week 8, you will submit a policy paper that will explore the importance of understanding politics and participate in political decision, by looking at an issue that affects you directly, as well as the consequences of political decisions on your everyday life and career.

Can you think of an example from your everyday life or career when you encounter politics? An example of how you encounter politics in everyday life would be paying taxes. Who decided how much do you have to pay in sales tax, property tax, or income tax?

Pick an issue that is affected by political decision (taxes, health insurance, climate change, gun control, welfare, abortion, immigration, drug abuse, etc). For example, if you are a nursing major, a good idea would be to focus on healthcare and policies that affect healthcare, such as the Affordable Care Act.

For your week 5 assignment, in 1-1.5 pages, please provide the following:

  • The issue you plan to write about
  • A brief summary of the issue (3-5 sentences)
  • A reference list of 3-5 sources you will be using for this paper. At least two references must be scholarly sources.

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