Global Health Human Resources for Health

Global Health Human Resources for Health (HRH) Paper Purpose: Consider an issue related to the human resources for health crisis Exploring Migration 1. Find a nurse who is not working in the country where he/she was originally trained as a nurse or a nurse educated in US however familiar with the health care system and nursing education in their country of origin. Cannot be a US system 2. Research about the health status in this country using key indicators from the literature (10) 3. Provide some basic information about nursing education and/or practice in this country/ documentation (20) Add the education of the nurse interviewed 4. Conduct an informational interview to understand the perspectives of the nurse. Your questions may include but are not necessarily limited to: (20). These questions act as a guide. a. How is nursing perceived in their country? b. When they migrated and from where. Provide detail about their decision to leave, how their decision was received by family and peers, and how they were received in their adopted country. c. How much/what kind of nursing experience did the nurse obtain before and since migration. d. What surprised them about nursing in the country to which the emigrated. That is, was there anything for which they were unprepared or over-prepared to do? What was the most difficult and best aspect provide examples e. Advantages and disadvantages or working in another country 5. Discuss the unique push/pull factors that impact nursing migration in the countries represented by your interviewees correlate with literature (20) 6. Put your interview and the background information in context with larger nursing migration issues. To what extent is this nurses story consistent with or unlike global trends in nursing migration? You should explore and cite literature to this question and any other nursing migration issues (20) Paper is 3-5 pages long and APA format, 5-10 reference, organization; paper has an introduction and conclusion (10) Review tips on scholarly writing.