Global initiatives

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In your Week 8 Discussion, you considered policy issues affecting nurses on a national scale. However, what about on a global scale? What issues are affecting healthcare on a global level? What initiatives are addressing these issues and/or impacting the field of nursing? 

While it can be easy to focus specifically on our own practice and organization, healthcare is a global practice. And considering the impact of global initiatives, policy issues affecting nurses on a global scale can help us to better understand, remedy, connect, and even prepare for current or potential national issues.

For this Assignment, you will identify a global initiative impacting the nursing profession. You will defend, with evidence, your selection and discuss the impact.

Submit a 2-page paper that describes a global initiative that impacts the nursing profession. Defend, with evidence, why this particular initiative has the most impact and/or importance on the nursing profession.

Topic: Nursing Shortage

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