Global Stratification: Issues in sociology

Global Stratification: Issues in sociology


What’s the impact of globalization on least developed nations?


12 font, doubles space, the title has to be bold, the abstract has to be in bold, also, use 17 scholars articles peer review related to the topic above,


1) In the introduction, start talking about Slavery

2) Extractions resources from weak countries by the power nations

3) Power nations to weaker nations

4) By 100 years ago, people has been increased, industrialization can be seen as globalization. Make sure you support that with 2 of the 17 scholar articles peer general article (Proquest social science)

Make sure you show that globalization has become a more advanced phenomenal. Yet, the weaker of poor nation are still losing out. Using citation from the articles peer general article.

5) Examination the impact of globalization on least nations. Using the definition of least countries. Examination of trade and order economic interactions between poor countries and powerful countries.

6) Present the implication or consequences of the poor countries and the rich powerful countries.

7) Present suggestions or recommendations about the relationship of the poor countries and the rich countries.

8) Trade and order economic data. Explain how the poor countries buy merchandises from the rich countries and they still lose money.

9) Explain how the rich countries exploit the poor countries because of the lack of education, civil war conflict, corruption, age (most poor countries are young), and the legacy of slavery.

10) Talk about infant mortality, show how the poor countries don’t enough money for food, healthcare, education.

11) Provide recommendations for managing all those issues. Examples?

12) Conclusion: Summarize everything that has been said in one long paragraph.

Make sure you use quotations, citations from the 17 scholar articles. When you quote make sure you mention the pages’ number in the scholar articles. Make you use all the 17 scholar articles. Please the articles have to be scholar peer review,and use quotation from them.