GMU Additional Sources of Data Presentation

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I have already given you your purpose: Persuade your target audience that a) your topic is important and b) that your ideas for future research on that topic should be implemented

Use this journal post to explore your ideas for the three essential parts of the Rhetorical Situation:

This might seem obvious (it’s you!), but here I want you to fully explain how you will function as the author of this multimodal composition. You are a GMU student, an expert on the research that you did for the LR, and….? What else do YOU bring to the table? What ETHOS do you have? Why is YOUR PERSPECTIVE on this research topic unique?

Subject / “Text”

Again, push past the obvious on the subject/text of your multimodal proposal (research from the LR and new ideas) to be specific about what you envision including in the “message” of your composition. This is the time to think expansively and creatively—not practically. Nothing you write about here is “set in stone” so go ahead and think of EVERYTHING. What artifacts are associated with your topic that you could include? What images, sound bites, voices, objects, texts, etc. would work well with the research from your LR? What arguments, debates, counterpoints, and IDEAS might you consider including?


Audience is the least fixed concept of the three essential elements because you get to choose who your audience is going to be. At this stage, it is okay to pitch different audiences for your work — who exactly would you want to read/watch/see your multimodal proposal? Be as SPECIFIC as you can here. Visualize that audience. For instance, if you decide to make a podcast or youtube video for this project, who would be your ideal subscriber? If you made a blog, who would be your ideal readers? If you made a digital presentation, who would you IDEALLY want to view it?


Reflect on Wednesday’s discussion exercise about how different modalities shape different kinds of arguments. Now, think carefully about the audience that you chose for this assignment: What modalit(ies) might you use to best reach that audience? What types of images/sound clips/videos/graphics/text would *add significant value* to the information you gathered for the Literature Review?


Discussion – “Organizational Visibility”

Log collection and management strategy is one of the most important decisions an organization can make as these logs provide pertinent event data that is used to identify potential compromises from external and internal threat actors, as well as organizational policy violations. For this week’s discussion board posting, I want you to respond to the following questions:

1) What are some log collection/management considerations that an organization might need to bear in mind?

2) Do log files unto themselves provide an organization with complete visibility into what’s occurring on the organization’s network or to support internal investigations? If not, what other data sources might you think would provide enrichment to the existing data set?

3) Research centralized security incident and event management systems. Provide a summary of the features they contain and provide your assessment on how these features can be used by an organization (SOC analyst, threat hunting team, or incident responder) to help support investigations? Are there any particular features that might be useful to help with regulatory compliance reporting?

As always, please provide citations when applicable.

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