Golden age and macromolecules

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Answer the questions in the provided Microsoft PowerPoint document and save your responses. Provide resources in APA format to support your answers.


CO 1: Analyze how golden age microbiologists performed experiments to observe, identify, culture and classify different microorganisms and their macromolecules.

CO 2: Apply the concepts of genetics and genome in the study of microorganisms

Golden Age of Microbiology: Use the given active learning template (ALT) to connect Scientists with their discoveries in 1-2 sentences. (Slide 1; 2.5 points)

Carolus Linnaeus

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

Alexander Fleming

Joseph Lister

Ignaz Semmelweis

Robert Koch:
(Slide 2; 3 points)

Summary of Key Work:

Organisms Studied:

Other Findings:


Louis Pasteur:
S-shaped Flask experiment
(Slide 3; 2 points)


Experimental Design:



Note for students: Macromolecules is a review from prior courses. This topic may or may not be covered in-class or online. You may use your textbook or books from prior courses for this ALT. (Slide 4; 2.5 points)

Complete the following table by describing the terms in1-2 sentences with their function and examples

Carbohydrates Functions and Examples
Lipids Functions and Examples
Level of protein structure Structural organization

Complete the following Table by adding information on bonds that participate in creating certain level of protein structure and if biological activity is present in that level of structure (Slide 5; 2 points)

Give an example of a disease that occurs due to errors in protein folding: ___________________________________

Type of NA Composition of the nucleotide Location, Function and types Structure and sugars

The two types of Nucleic acids ________________ and ______________

Role of ATP _________________________________________________________

Complete the following table about the composition, structure and functions of Nucleic acids (NA).

(Slide 6; 3 points)

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