Graded Weekly Assignment: Drafting Assignment—Interrogatories and Oral Depositions

Assignment 3: Graded Weekly Assignment: Drafting Assignment—Interrogatories and Oral Depositions

The discovery process is at the core of the investigation process and one of the best methods to obtain information from the opposing side is through interrogatories. These are questions that are asked of the other party that ask for facts relevant to the case. Making sure to maximize the use of these questions is important because there are limits in federal court as to the number allowed.

Oral deposition notices were prepared for Assignment 2 for this week and now it is time to construct the list of questions that will be asked during the deposition. Remember that this is the time to get information on the record and under oath.

At this stage, you should have clear answers to the following questions:

  • What types of questions would you find in an interrogatory question?
  • How might the interrogatory question differ from deposition questions?

Week 3 Tasks

You have also prepared your client, Harper, for the deposition by identifying questions that he may have to answer. Your supervising attorney will be conducting oral depositions of the defendant O’Fay and you have drafted the Notice of Deposition including the demand for the documents you think the deponent needs to bring with her.

Discovery is underway in your ongoing representation of Harper. Your supervising attorney directs you to—under the attorney’s supervision—draft, file, and serve interrogatories on O’Fay’s counsel and to prepare a list of questions for oral depositions. This list of questions should be based upon expected answers to the interrogatories.

Compile your work in a Microsoft Word document.

On a separate page, cite all sources using the Bluebook format.