Grand Canyon University Health Lesson Plan Across Curriculum Questions

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Locate a lesson plan or activity appropriate for a K-12 grade that focuses on decision-making, drugs, or injury prevention.  Include a link or upload the document for the lesson or activity.  Include the following in your main discussion post:

  1. The lesson plan can be uploaded as a document or linked to a website. (5 pts)
  2. What grade(s) would this lesson or activity be appropriate for?  How do you know this? Be specific and check this by including the California Health Education Content Standards.  State not just the Standard but the specific standards and grade level.  For example, Injury Prevention for Grades 7 and 8 is on page 38 of Health Education Content StandardsLinks to an external site..  If I chose an 8th-grade lesson plan on bullying and injury prevention, perhaps I would relate it to Standard 1 AND 1.5.S “Explain how violence, aggression, bullying, and harassment affect health and safety.” (3 pts)
  3. What are three (3) specific ways to improve upon or add to the lesson to make it better?  Consider better openings, better assessments, and increased student engagement.  Provide specific strategies that exhibit thought and planning. (8 pts)
  4. What subject could this be woven into to make it a cross-curricular lesson/activity?  A subject area is math, history, reading, writing, literature, physical education, biology, chemistry, etc. Provide details and explain how this would be done. (4 pts)

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