Grossmont College Analysis of Forensic Samples Skill Check Worksheet

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Activity 3: Analysis of Forensic Samples

This photo is an actual photo of a gel that was run using the samples outlined in this lab. From left to right:

Lane 1: A HindIII DNA digest used as the control for the size standards

Lane 2: Crime scene sample

Lane 3: Suspect 1: Dr .Pete Moss

Lane 4: Suspect 2: Dr. Forest Moss

Lane 5: Suspect 3: Mr. Bud Wieser

Lane 6: Blood sample from the victim, Dr. Dinah Soares

You will need to look at the bands on the gel very carefully, as some of the bands are quite faint. That does not make them any less important just because the bands may be faint.

In order to make sure that you do not miss any of the bands the first thing that you should do is make a drawing in the space below; draw the band pattern in each of the lanes. Be sure to label the lanes as to their contents, and then draw the bands in proportion to their positions on the gel. Be sure to account for faint bands.

Question 1: Do you see any of the band patterns in the different lanes that appear to match each other? Which lanes?

Question 2: Do any of the suspect samples appear to have recognition sites at the same location as the DNA from the crime scene?

Question 3: Based on the analyses you have done, do any of the suspect samples of DNA seem to be from the same individual as the DNA from the crime scene? Describe the scientific evidence that supports your conclusion.

Activity 4: Summary of Data Analysis

Write a summary of your evidence, and who (if anyone) it points to as the alleged murderer. Be sure to discuss your electrophoresis process, how you analyzed the data, and summarize your results and conclusions. Is this data sufficient to convict your suspect do you think?What other evidence do you think you should have to take this to court?

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