Grossmont College Biology Essay

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find a news article about cell, molecular, or evolutionary biology and write and submit a one-paragraph summary. A summary means that you should say, in your own words, what the article says. The summary should include a description of the aspect of biology being discussed, an explanation of why it’s news right now, and a connection to the subjects our course. There are a few simple rules:

  1. The article must be from print media of a reputable source, for example the San Diego Union Tribune, The New York Times, National Geographic, Popular Science, or many others. No Facebook articles or other items that just exist in social media.
    1. Toward this end, it’s worth noting that a local scientist, Ardem Patapoutian, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine of Physiology last year.
  2. The article must discuss a topic relevant to Cell, Molecular, and Evolutionary Biology. That gives you a lot of leeway. Any medical breakthrough, COVID-19 related news, evolutionary news, and many other topics are fair game.
  3. The article must discuss a topic that can be studied by the scientific method. This means that creation science or faith-based news on biology is excluded.
  4. The summary must include a link to the original article.

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