Grossmont College Change Management Discussion

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Read each changing scenario. Analyze the scenario highlighting the change and why there would be resistance to it. Next, compare each scenario against the theories (tools) of organizational change management listed below and select the one most appropriate one for this situation. You may select more than one change management tool for a scenario and justify each selection. Change management tools may be used more than once.

Respond by numbering each scenario (Scenario 1) and answering the questions posed above in complete sentences. Your analysis and justifications should be thorough and in-depth. It is not necessary to re-type the questions.

  • Scenario 1: Merger and layoffs ABC Hospital in South Haven is merging with DEF Hospital in an adjacent town. The hospitals are comparable in size. While negotiating the merger, the Board of Directors realize that while the work processes for the clinical staff will remain stable with no layoffs for clinicians, there will have to be layoffs in non-clinical departments such as human resources, finance, administration, and health information management. In addition to the projected layoffs, both clinical and non-clinical departments will be expected to merge the policies and procedures of their departments into a single, cohesive entity. What change management technique do you use to get to resolve this situation?
  • Scenario 2: Food Service. You are the HIM Director at ABC Hospital. ABC has just contracted with a new food service company to provide meals for both patients and the employee cafeteria. In addition to the hospital cafeteria, the facility also has a small snack bar operated by a local restaurant. This snack bar is open to visitors and staff serving hamburgers, sandwiches, and desserts. This snack bar is operated primarily for the benefit of families and hospital visitors, but employees have taken to using it on breaks for ice cream desserts or a quick burger. The new food service contract includes a clause that requires employees to eat solely in the hospital cafeteria but provides them with a 10%  discount on meals. In addition to the discount, the cafeteria is adding a salad bar and ice cream machine. What change management technique do you use to get to resolve this situation?
  • Scenario 3: EHR updates The EHR system has undergone a major upgrade. As the HIM Director you are delighted with the changes. The system update requires a new and slightly more complicated login process for all users but provides added security. This change is not a problem for the HIM, IT, or financial staff users. However, the clinical staff is angry. They say it already takes too long to login. The physicians are now leaving their login information with the nursing staff, so the nurses can login the physicians’ in. This poses all sorts of problems from a security and privacy standpoint. What change management technique do you use to get to resolve this situation?

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