Grossmont College PhysioEx Endocrine Lab Essay

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PhysioEx Lab Write-up: Activities 1 Parts 1-4 Produce a lab report for the PhysioEx Metabolism and Thyroid Hormone (Activities 1 Parts 1-4) from PhysioEx. I am providing you an outline, but your report should be in nonnumeric, paragraph form. Draft 1 is due this Sunday. The final report needs to be uploaded to Canvas within two weeks. See Canvas for specific deadlines.Your report should be in the format and style described below, clearly and formally written, have clearly identified sections (include headers for each section), and well-done graphs and tables (appropriate titles, labeled axis, and a short narrative describing the table or graph).1. Write an Introduction Section (3-4 paragraphs). A brief overview of metabolism should be included in this section. Make sure to include brief explanations of the role of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and thyroid in metabolism. State the purpose of the metabolic rate activities. 2. Methods. Write 3-4 paragraphs which give an overview of how you did your experiment.Write a paragraph describing your test rats. How are they similar and how are they different?Write a paragraph explaining the establishment of baseline metabolic rates.Write a paragraph which gives a general overview of how you used the methods and data from baseline metabolic rates to study the effects of thyroxine, thyroid stimulating hormone, and propylthiouracil. Results. Include a table which summarizes the data from activity 1 and bar charts which summarizes your Part 1-4 metabolic rate data for each rat. Each graph and table should have a descriptive title, labeled axis, and a 1-2 sentence narrative describing the table or graph. Each of the bar graphs for activity 2-4 should clearly show the difference between the control group rats (from Part 1, where you established Basal Metabolic Rate) and the experimental group rats of the activity from the different Parts. Consult the figures in your lecture text for good examples of how to present figures, graphs and tables.3. Summary. (3-4 paragraphs) Write a short summary discussing the actual results of your experiment. Refer to your table and graphs and point out any important data. If your actual experimental results did not match your expected results, write a paragraph suggesting one reason your actual results might have been different from the expected results.

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