Grossmont College the Effects of Over Hunting Sharks’ Populations Presentation

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You will then compile a Research List you will use for your presentation. Sources need to come from government-sponsored and peer-reviewed sources. Only one encyclopedia source is permitted. Students need to have a minimum of 5 citations (3 websites, 2 journals or magazines) Example websites include: .gov, .edu, and .org Example journals include: Nature, National Geographic, Marine Biology Research, Advances in Marine Biology, Oceanography, and Marine BiologyYou must thoroughly investigate your topic; you can use research books from the library and information available on the internet (using reputable websites like .gov, .edu, and .org). 

You must use at least five sources, none of which can be a textbook, Wikipedia, Encarta (or similar computer encyclopedia), or an encyclopedia.

You are expected to thoroughly research your topic and include information that is recent and current. For example, have current status, problems, or developments. Presentation Format: 

Students may use a slide presentation app of their choice. Examples include Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Canva. 

You need to have a minimum of 6 different slides for your presentation 

Title Slide: Include the title of the presentation and your name

Final Slide: The last slide of your presentation should be a list of the Literature Cited 

The remaining 4+ slides (feel free to use more) should illustrate and explain your topic in a logical sequence using subtopics and graphics. Information: 

Your topic should be divided into logical 4-6 sub-topics

Each subtopic should be presented on a separate slide 

You can include basic background material but be sure to include current information as well. 

Everything should be written in your own words (DO NOT plagiarize) 

Do not use quotes unless you are sharing someone’s opinion as an addition to your paragraph.

Each topic should be discussed at a college-level of detail using vocabulary that can be understood by your peers.


Find (or create your own) original charts, graphs, pictures, etc. to illustrate your topic.

You should have at least 3 illustrations or graphics.

Below each illustration or graphic, include a caption. The caption should explain what the figure is (even if it obvious) and how it relates to your topic. Be sure to cite the source of the illustration or graphic 

Literature Cited (Final slide in the presentation): 

This is a list of the complete bibliographical information used in your subtopics and illustrations 

Arrange the sources alphabetically by author and/ or website title; do not number them.

Help can be found at and citation /apa style/ apa formatting and style guide reference list basic rules.html

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