GS 102 Harrison Middleton University Intro to Life Science Worksheet

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⬛ Choose one of the following topics and complete the statement “I agree/disagree with _________ because _______ ” taking either the pro or con side and explaining the issue and your position on the issue.


  • Genetic Testing
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Gene Therapy

Imagine you are a genetics counselor working with couples who are expecting children. You have been asked to give a PowerPoint presentation about commonly inherited diseases and their patterns of inheritance. Choose one disease from one of the categories (X-linked, autosomal, recessive, autosomal dominant, or chromosomal number change) Give a brief overview of the disease, illustrate, and explain the pattern of inheritance. Share the role of parents in inheritance.

Provide 6-8 slides, including a title slide and a reference slide, use the attached PowerPoint template

⬛ Successful adaptation for survival in an organism’s environment is Darwin’s concept of natural selection. Choose a specific example of a unique trait or behavior that a plant or animal has. Explain how this trait or behavior makes the organism to be well adapted to its environment.

⬛ watch the following video

HHMI Tuskless Elephant Video (

Then, after watching the video, answer the following questions about it:

What video did you watch?

Summarize the video in 4- 5 sentences.

What is the key point that you learned about evolution?

How is the organism affected by evolution?

How does the video define evolution, natural selection, and adaptation?

What does the video explain about natural selection?

Your submission should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Use the attached template( w5 template) to complete

⬛ Both plants and fungi have essential roles within their ecosystems, affecting all organisms including humans. In your discussion, choose a specific flowering plant or fungus that has an economic impact. Explain that economic impact, whether it be positive or negative, as well as any ecosystem benefits that your organism has.

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