GWU Chinese Immigrants Gold Rush Presentation

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The body of the slideshow should 1) provide an overview of the site and history [possibly fictitious]; 2) artifacts and features from of the fictitious archaeology; 3) the proposed public archaeology / history vehicle to tell the story to the general public. This basic format should be illustrated with minimal (but concise) text. For a group of three students, each student could be responsible for 3 slides in each section (Intro 1 + Overview 3 + Archaeology 3 + Public Component / Civic Engagement 3 = 10). For a group of four students, increase slide content as appropriate (i.e. (Intro 1 + Overview 3 + Archaeology 3 + Public Component / Civic Engagement 3 + Public Component / Civic Engagement 3 = 13). Students should work on Google Docs to collaborate and share work. Use the internet, screenshots and smart phones to find jpegs from websites, create picture files from PDFs or take new photos from hard-copy texts. Use your annotated bibliography for key word searches and published images to help you find content. Assemble your ideas, images and descriptions in your section of the slide show. A FOLDER ON BLACKBOARD under CONTENT has some EXAMPLES of possible SLIDES.

During the last class sessions, groups will have the opportunity to present their slide show to the online class (about 10 minutes each group). Students can explain what their slide sections are meant to convey: 1) the site history / overview; 2) the archaeology and evidence; 3) the type vehicle the group decided to use to tell the story (i.e. exhibit + website + smart phone application + etc.). For a group of 3 students, the 10-minute presentation section could be divided into 3 minutes each for the slide section & student presenter. Cue cards, scripts and prewritten remarks are acceptable to read live online. Groups could coordinate these presentation scripts in advance is needed through email and or Google docs. FYI: A double-spaced, 12 pt. font, typed page takes about 2 minutes to read live. Prewritten scripts are not required, but like giving a paper at a conference or in front of the class, it helps keep content organized and on time.

My part is the site history / overview, my topic is Chinese Immigrants: Gold Rush.

You need do 4 slides history / overview and the 4 minutes of presentation for the slide.

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