HCC Catalase Enzyme Activity Presentation

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1- Do not plagiarism please.


3- you can see the rubrics down in the uploaded section. and for pre lab 8 I will send you the data soon so you can fill out the lab.

3- the file lab assignment 8 you need to follow these instructions:

3- I’m going to post a previous lab assignment 5 and you need to make a PowerPoint. you can read the instructions down and understand what assignment 8 mean. ->

Create PowerPoint

  1. Create your slides first. Choose an appropriate background that does not hide your text or figures. Make sure you try out the background to see if it is hard to read – a real turn off in a presentation.
  2. As a minimum, you need 12 slides – you may use more.
    • Slide 1 – Title, your name, etc.
    • Slide 2 – Introduction slide that summarizes what will be presented.
    • Slides 3-10 – Each step of the scientific process on a different slide – use this as the title of your slide. On this slide you provide the matching information for the lab simulation that you picked. Describe or show the specifics that are important.
      (Note! Not all information is as important as others. Your job is to find and figure out which are the most important parts to share. You may use more than one slide if appropriate. Pictures and graphs may be appropriate but you will need to describe them in the narration.)
    • Slide 11 – A conclusion, concluding remarks, etc.
    • Slide 12 – All references listed in APA format.

There is an art to creating a good presentation. You can really only learn it by doing it.

  • First think about your listener. What will they want to hear and see in a presentation? Assume that your viewer has not done the lab simulation. You never really know who your viewer will be so do not assume that they will have the appropriate background to understand what you are saying.
  • Does a lot of moving pieces or many colors help or distract from the point you are trying to make?
  • Does all of the text that you have on the slide need to be there for your viewer? If not, then don’t put it there. Put it in a script that you can read when you narrate.
  • Look at my videos. While they may not be perfect, there is generally more information provided in the narration than in the text part of the video.
  • Any questions? Make sure you ask me or the TAs. While we may not be perfect, we all have done this more than you likely have.

Narrate PowerPoint

  1. Complete all of your editing of text, pictures or figures in your PowerPoint before beginning this step.
  2. Create a script or notes that will allow you to narrate your slide from the beginning of the presentation to the end.
  3. When complete, start your narration of the PowerPoint.
    1. Select Slide Show > Record Slide Show.
    2. Choose “Start Recording from Beginning”
    3. Select “Start Recording”.
    4. Start speaking. Speak through the end of the presentation slides. The recording will end when the slideshow ends. (Note: Audio won’t record when slide transitions happen so let transitions play before you start speaking.)
    5. Save
  4. Your complete mp4 narration (see below) should be at least 10 minutes and less than 15 minutes.

Export as an mp4

  1. Select File or Edit > Export.
  2. Choose Create a Video.
  3. Select HD or Standard file size. Choose Standard if you have limited bandwidth to upload the file.
  4. Select “Use Recorded Timings and Narrations”
  5. Select Create Video button.
  6. Name your file with your name and lab you are presenting. Use this format. (First Name, Last Name, Lab X)
  7. Save the file to a folder on your computer where you will be able to locate it easily.
  8. When complete, post your video to the Lab 8 Assignment in the Dropbox. (also following this file in the module).



I will uploaded pre lab 7 so you can answer some of the answer.


Answer the questions in the attached file and submit to this assignment before the due date.

  • Attach your assignment as a word document before the due date and time. All other file formats will receive a zero.
  • Make sure you review and use the rubric; it is how your assignment will be scored.
  • A correctly formatted reference and citation are required in your assignment.

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