2. Answer the 20 true and false questions at the end of the article (I know the article says they are multiple choice, but they are actually T&F).
a. Report on your score.
b. As the article by Murali & Oyebode and the fact sheet from the “Children and the long-term effects of poverty” (Connecticut Commission on Children 2004) and the “Health Facts” from Measure of America demonstrated, poverty has multiple effects on children. What were your feelings on these findings and facts?
c. Which one shocked you the most?

3. Rent or download the movie “A Place at the Table” (you will need to acquire the movie using your own means. Places to look are YouTube, ITunes, Amazon, Your local library)

. a. Choose ONE of the case studies from the movie and discuss 3 of the barriers the family faces in providing proper nutrition? For example:
o Cost of food
o Lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in the inner cities
o Poor quality meals
o Junk-food advertising
o Working instead of breastfeeding
o Food allergies
o Depression
o Concerns about immigration status
o Cultural and racial issues
o Lack of English skills
o Lack of extra food after illness
o Employers not giving leave for parents to care for sick children
o Poor housing conditions
o Welfare bureaucracy

b. What would you cut back on if you were forced to choose between feeding your family and another important element (ie. rent or utility bill)?

4. Read: Key Findings from the Hunger In America 2014 Report from Feeding America
Key Findings:
(a) Pick at least 3 statistics from the Feeding America report that really stand out to you and explain why they resonate with you.
(b) What solutions would you offer to end hunger in America?
Additional Resources:
“A Place at the Table” discussion by the directors with Bill Moyers
Full Show: The Faces of America’s Hungry
June 28, 2013’s-hungry/

National Geographic did a feature about “The New Face of Hunger” showing how hunger can strike anywhere in our country. 

Great article, photos, graphs and videos:
Here’s How to Make a $4-a-Day Food Budget Taste Delicious
Sen. Murphy (D-CT) Living on Food Stamps for a week
Evaluation Criteria
• Your posting should demonstrate an understanding and application of the reading materials.
• Since this is a 400 level course I would expect to see you refer to and cite the required readings to support each of your answers in this post.
• Your post must be at least 500 words long (though you can include them, I do not count restating the directions into the word count.
• Restrictions on the length are intended to help you write more concisely, and to help facilitate the discussion.
• Each source you list in your post must appear in your reference page, likewise, each source listed in your reference page must appear in your post.