Health Information Talk

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This coursework component requires you to develop a hypothetical presentation/talk intended to be delivered to healthcare providers and/or family/partners/carers; to provide psychoeducation on ONE chronic physical health condition population (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or chronic pain). Healthcare providers and family/partners/friends play a key role in supporting people living with a chronic health condition, but may not understand how they can support psychological wellbeing without professional psychological support/input. The talk will therefore be intended to equip informal/formal caregivers with greater knowledge about the common psychological struggles of living with a chronic physical condition, and provide some low-intensity tips on how they can better support people who live with a chronic condition both emotionally and socially (e.g. empathy, communication skills). Further details and tips to complete this coursework will be provided during lectures.  

The talk should be planned using Microsoft PowerPoint (15 slides maximum) and you will then record the presentation/talk either using Microsoft PowerPoint or using MS Teams (by sharing the PowerPoint on screen and recording the Teams session OR using the recording function on MS PowerPoint). For guidance on how to record using MS Teams see written instructionsthe bits highlighted in yellow are relevant for you). Your presentation should last around 10-15minutes (MAX 15minutes) and use up to 15 PowerPoint slides.

I want you to make a power point Regarding to the assignment attached (Explanatory Essay) as it is explained and to prepare the words i am going to present on a sheet for me so i can record it (a script)

I already have a ppt and a script but the ppt is really bad visually and you can fix it and make it more professional and edit the script accordingly or you can start over.

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