Health & Medical Smoking and Spirometry Test Results Discussion

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  1. Watch the assigned videos from chapter 40. To access the videos, click on the videos tab that is located under the Course Tools module and then click on the EVOLVE-Elsevier Medical Assisting Procedures Video or  Evolve Medical Assisting Videos.
    • View Measure the Peak Flow Rate in Chapter 40: Pulmonology
    • View Administer a Nebulizer Treatment in Chapter 40: Pulmonology
    • View Perform Spirometry Testing  in Chapter 40: Pulmonology
  2. Read the scenario.
  3. Type in the answer to the questions using the text function.


Renee is rooming Carl Bowden. He is here today for a recheck appointment. He was diagnosed 10 days ago with pneumonia. As Renee is gathering Carl’s history, he tells her that he has smoked two packs a day for the past 30 years. He also states that he has had pneumonia six times over the past 2 years. He asks Renee how smoking may impact his spirometry test ordered by the physician. Thinking back to the respiratory structures and functions and spirometry testing you have learned about in this module, how would you answer his question?

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