Health Policy & Legal Aspects

Each week you will make an entry into your Journal.  You are asked to reflect on 3 of the key points for each class.  Key points: What did you take away from the module knowledge wise or interesting? Each entry should reflect on your understanding of the topic, your experiences and observations in your work environment or general nursing environment regarding the module topic.

This is a cumulative document. You will save it to your own computer desktop or memory device and update it each week. You may choose to record more than one entry each week, especially if you have an “aha!” moment as a result of your reading, discussions, or experience. You will upload and submit the latest version of your Health Policy & Legal Aspects Reflective Journal to Blackboard by 2359 the Saturday following each class of this course. It is not necessary that your entries be formatted or written in any particular way because it is for your benefit. Your entries will only be reviewed to ensure that you are making sufficient progress and thinking deeply about the requirements in the course.


Use this rubric to guide your Journal entries.

There will be total of 3 Journal entries. With each journal you are expected to address 3 key points from the class lecture, discussion, and content, discuss how each point applies to your practice as a nurse, and, finally, how will your practice change in the future because of this information.