Healthcare informatics

Explain the steps taken to prepare for a system implementation.
Discuss the importance of systems testing and evaluations.
Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:

HI580-3: Prepare information technology (IT) system documentation.

PC-1.3: Apply conflict management skills to resolve issues and/or build team alliances.


Assume you are working with an implementation team in installing a new nursing documentation system for a home agency. Historically, all its nursing documentation was recorded in  form. Many of the nursing staff are resistant to using this new system. They prefer the old paper system. There has been conflict within the agency of nursing staff allocating these tasks to lower level staff to avoid using the new system. This has created tension in the agency. The home health agency has little computerization beyond basic registration information and has no IT staff. You are tasked with educating the team on the new process and getting them prepared for the implementation. Discuss how you would manage the conflict in the team with the changes. Determine if you will use the Big Bang Theory or a Phased Approach. Once you decide the approach, determine the schedule to implement. You will now develop a presentation preparing the team. Items to consider in the development:

Explain how system documentation would benefit the implementation team.
Discuss what would need to be done during the data conversion and the system-testing phase.
What are at least four of the challenges faced?
Explain the challenges in detail.
What recommendations might you offer to the implementation team as it begins the work of installing the new nursing documentation system?
Discuss how you would manage the conflict between the nursing staff and the lower level staff.

The Assignment should be a PowerPoint presentation 10-15 slides in length.
Include a title slide and reference slide. Length requirements do not include the title slide, and the reference slide.
Follow APA style format and citation guidelines.
This Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard English featuring correct grammar, punctuation, style, and mechanics.
All sources must be scholarly. Wikipedia is not acceptable. Use APA style for all citations including course materials.
Submitting Your Work