Healthcare Informatics Competencies

Topic: Healthcare Informatics Competencies

  1. B) More then 2 references.

As informatics and technology tools continue to emerge and evolve in the healthcare setting, it is becoming increasingly important for healthcare workers to have informatics competencies.

For this assignment,

A). Complete the self-assessment provided on a separate attachment, complete the assessment by scoring yourself on each competency using the scale provided.

B). Once you have taken the self-assessment, write a 1 page paper in which you:

  1. 1. Analyze your level of competency in each of the four domains in the completed self assessment, and
  2. Discuss how you plan to improve your level of competency in each area.
  3. For items you scored yourself as proficient in, discuss how you might help others in your nursing workplace improve their competency in those area(s).

Submit the completed self-assessment form and the 1 page APA analysis.