healthcare services marketing, strategic planning

1.Outline submission due by end of day Sunday, February 17th in the week 5 Week 5: Research Paper Outline (MO 4) Healthcare Research Paper Outline: Select a topic for your research that is of great interest to you related to healthcare services marketing, strategic planning or marketing/strategic planning combined. Write an outline that serves as your guide for the final paper. Your final paper will use outside sources (minimum of seven articles, books, websites) resulting in a 8-10 page (narrative portion) paper on the subject. Be sure to include your learnings from the textbooks and other course resources. Critical to complying with this final assignment in Week 7 is the use of APA format, and the inclusion of a minimum of 7 sources is required. This includes an appropriate Cover Page, Table of Contents and References Page separate from the 8-10 page minimum narrative portion of the paper; plus the correct use of In-Text Citations. 2.Submit your final paper to the Week 7 Dropbox by Sunday, March 3rd @ 11:55 PM. Final Research paper: Select a topic for your research paper that is related to healthcare services marketing strategy and/or strategic planning. Conduct research using outside sources (minimum of seven articles, books, websites) and write a 8-10 (maximum) page paper on the subject. This final paper should include information that you have acquired from your readings in our course, as well as your additional external research on your topic. Your paper can be an examination and analysis of a healthcare organization’s marketing and/or strategic planning initiative, a comparative analysis of 2 different organization’s strategies in these areas, or a recommended model for the design and implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan based upon best practices research. Your paper should be a well written, structured document, double spaced, with a title page that includes a title for your paper topic, your name, the course title. APA format and a minimum of 7 sources are required. The introduction should introduce why, what and how you are approaching the paper: What are you going to tell us? Why should we read this document? How have you approached the study? Who is your intended audience (who do you want to convince)? The conclusion should summarize learning, meanings, and applications for the future: What are your major learnings and understandings? What is the meaning of this for future study, commentary, or best practices?