Heat Management of mobile phone considering battery heat dissipation

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Introduction: Heat management is an important issue when it comes to mobile phones. The operations of mobile phones require energy supplied from the battery to be successful. The process produces energy in terms of heat which might negatively affect the mobile phone processes of the user of the mobile phone. Managing the heat produced by the mobile phone during its operation is vital in ensuring that the mobile phone operates at an optimum level. The battery is responsible for powering the mobile phone and energy in form of heat is produced from the battery. The process is exothermic in nature which means it produces heat which makes the mobile phone to produce heat during certain operations.

The tremendous size of tasks and the restricted cooling abilities guarantee that the warmth created in the process isn’t viably cooled. The warmth created may bring about slacking or hanging of the cell phone since its basic parts are influenced by the warmth delivered. The cell phones have the capacities of dealing with gigantic information exchange which makes the cell phone produce more warmth than the cooling system can deal with. The warmth delivered by cell phones can result in people being awkward. In specific cases, it has been set up that the warmth created may result in the cell phones battery detonating which may make damage the clients.

Problem Statement: Heat produced by mobile phone during its operation has a negative impact on the user of the mobile phone and also on the efficiency of the mobile phone.

Methodology: Experiment

Findings: The application running on a mobile phone affects the rate of energy produced in terms of heat from the battery.

Conclusions: In conclusion, the rate of heat produced from the mobile phone battery is directly proportional to the consumption of power which the application active uses. The power required from the mobile phone battery to enable an application to run is proportional to the heat produced from the battery. Energy management in mobile phones should be addressed with urgency owing to the number of accidents related to overheated mobile phones. The overheated batteries of a mobile phone can bring problems by exploding which might cause physical injuries to the user. The individual should be protected by ensuring that mobile phones which are developed to solve the overheating issue are provided. The battery which has overheated might explode causing harm to the users as it has been experienced. Mobile phone users have increased over the years which exposes many individuals to dangers in case the problem is not handled. The mobile phones are used by millions of users and it should be secured so as to ensure that the users are safe and can handle their business without any danger.

Mobile phones play an important role in our daily lives. It has been used to handle different types of transactions which plays an important role in our lives. Overheating in mobile phones batteries causes lagging of the operations of the mobile phone. The issue might result in slow process and unreliability which might cause an individual to lose business. The issue causes the mobile phone to be slow in other operations because the conditions for operations are not optimum. The conditions provided do not allow the mobile phone. The issue of heat management in mobile phones should be addressed so as to produce better working mobile phones which the users can enjoy using them.


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