Helen Keller as a deaf person, what changed her life

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it is only 2 question (not essay) it is a research paper

Q1 WHAT FACTS DID YOU FIND IN YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT THE TOPIC and YEARS of the critical event in your person’s life that help you to understand the person? How to answer this?

Q2 WHAT FACTS ABOUT the Helen Keller who is your primary source help you to understand period in which he/she lived? About this topic in U.S. history?

first you have to do a research about Helen Keller

your first primary source going to be Helen Keller, The Story of My Life

choose another primary source

and please choose 2 additional secondary sources for example http://www.perkins.org/history/legacy/deafblind

Here’s an article about discrimination and attitudes toward disabilities in Helen’s early life:


Cite your sources in an abbreviated way at the end of the sentence. (Gleick 142) (textbook 547) (1968 Documentary)

please note

  • Primary sources are the raw materials of history — original documents and objects which were created at the time under study. A primary source is something from the period in your person’s life. It can be a newspaper or magazine article, or something else created back in that time related to the topic of your person’s pivotal period – something that tells you more about the era or the topic of your person’s life-changing period. (Primary means “first” – a first hand source from that period)
  • Secondary sources must be a scholarly book or article, or a RELIABLE scholarly internet site or webpage. (Wikipedia or history.com or like cites are not appropriate)

A SECONDARY SOURCE is something written by a historian about the past. Historians do extensive research and then interpret and create a cohesive, accurate account of some topic in the past. It is “second-hand” information, because you are reading the historian’s work, not something created by the actual historical actors in the past. Secondary sources help give you background information, so that you can understand the significance of events in your person’s life

Suggestions for secondary sources: NON FICTION books (not novels) about the era or about a topic important to your person in his/her era, biographies, scholarly articles. For example, a secondary source might be a book about the 1960s if your person had a life-changing event in the 1960s. Or a university website might have information – careful that you don’t stumble on a page that was created by a university student as part of a class project.


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