Hello I need help with response to two peers: In your initial post, briefly introduce yourself to your peers. Then, briefly describe a problem that you or a group of people you belong to are currently

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Hello I need help with response to two peers:

In your initial post, briefly introduce yourself to your peers. Then, briefly describe a problem that you or a group of people you belong to are currently experiencing. Explain the main characteristics of the problem, the obstacles you face in getting it solved, and your goal. Then, address the following:

  • How would you solve the problem?
  • What research and resources will you need to solve it?
  • How would you justify your solution?

In response to at least two of your peers, address the following:

  • What ideas or resources can you share to help your peers craft their solutions?
  • What are some obstacles to your peers’ potential solutions?

Peer #1

A problem that my coworkers and I may be facing is that they may be changing the system that we use to do accounting. Currently we use DTI which has a number of uses including be able to upload the advertisements and legal notices that are in the paper as well as producing invoices and applying payments. Some of the coworkers aren’t happy that there may be a change in the software and are content with the current system. They have been using it for years and are used to it and do not want to have to learn a new way of doing things. As for me since I am new I feel like the way things are now are okay but can use some improvement. I feel it is a little outdated and is due for an upgrade. Although the current system works fine, and everyone knows it I think there are much better ways of being able to process payments and apply them. To solve this problem, I would turn to companies that do the same type of business and try to see which software that is newer. The system we have now cannot even process payments anymore the can only apply them to an invoice that has been created. In order to process a payment we have to use a website and then apply it to DTI. I would prefer software that can do both or even apply the payment as it is being made. I would also have to research what new types of software that are out there which would be able to handle the type of work that we do. It would take some time but by connecting with some people who know about this type of business and learning how they run their departments and what types of software they use could possibly benefit the company. Making things easier and having all of the information in one system instead of having to switch in and out of different applications can get a little confusing at times especially if you are new to it. If a new system does get put in place, I would have all the employees do a training with a professional to learn how to use it. I know some people are reluctant to change and get complacent, technology does make things better and helps businesses run smoother for the most part.

Peer #2

A problem I, as well as other employees, currently experience in the professional workplace are positions being passed over on qualified candidates for employees that are friends or know the hiring management.

The main characteristic of this problem is that passing over strong, reliable, qualified candidates for less qualified individuals not only is extremely unprofessional, but overtime becomes a hindrance to the corporation. Hiring based on knowing someone verse placing a qualified individual into the position will eventually show poor departmental performance, lack of team motivation and morale. Also, when unqualified individuals are put in these higher positions, and can’t properly manage, corporations end up losing their hard-working, qualified employees to corporations that will acknowledge their qualifications.

I know this happens in many different industries however you cannot always keep employees by offering incentives such as “office parties”, “leaving early on holidays”, these types of incentives are not what strong qualified individuals look for. They are looking for movement within their corporation, to put in the work and to be acknowledged for the quality work they produce and the asset that they are. They can provide a corporation with factual evidence over a time period that they can produce, lead, direct projects and provide efficiently and accurately for the corporation.

I would solve this problem by having a vetting process put into place that requires the hiring management to provide written documentation on why they feel the employee they chose is more qualified for the position verse the other candidates. Then that documentation would be reviewed by human resources as well as the CEO and or a legal department head to ensure that bias is not occurring and that employees are being treated fairly. If there is concern that management is hiring based on bias of knowing someone verse choosing the best suited candidate, then a meeting would need to be arranged to speak about interviewing process and for further explanation on why the person they chose is the best candidate with examples that can support their decision.

The resources for this solution would be a legal form drafted by the corporation to ensure that the form is uniformed and is utilized by all management that is hiring only when there are “in-house” positions where multiple people within the organization and or department have applied for the same position.

Then we would need to ensure that there is resource such a time for human resources, the CEO and or legal head to review the document thoroughly and provide follow-up if needed such as time for the meeting explained above.

I justify this solution as an appropriate option as I could verbally and factually support on hand three positions in the corporation I currently work in where a very qualified, seasoned, intelligent individual was passed up on a position because of management’s opinion which was eventually stated as months went on that they chose their friend. I personally feel that corporations lose dedicated, qualified employees more often than realized because of situations such as this. When a situation like this could easily be vetted and reviewed prior to filling the position to ensure that the candidate that truly is best suited for the position is chosen so that the corporation can thrive. We are a society that needs to get away from choosing what is comfortable to us and make the choice to choose what is best for business overall.


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