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I need a response to this post just around 100 words


Motivation is the force that pushes someone or drives their actions.  Someone’s needs or what that person desires can also play a role when it comes to how the person behaves.  Behavior modification is when principles of reinforcement are used to try and change the way someone behaves in specific settings (Weerasinghe, n.d.).  If students are behaving in certain ways, adding or changing consequences can help to change the student/s’ behavior.  There are different behavior modification strategies such as positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement.  If a teacher finds a way to help motivate students both in an extrinsic and intrinsic manner, the student could be motivated in a positive manner to help them succeed.  They could also use negative reinforcements, such as punishments or class policies to help make sure that every student is adhering to the same rules.  When human motivation and behavior modification are used in conjunction with each other, students will have a better understanding of what is acceptable, what is not acceptable and even be rewarded for doing what they are supposed to be doing to begin with.

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