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Client Management 4-1
Version 1
Table of Contents
Units. 3
How you will be assessed. 3
Resources. 5
What you have to do. 5
Task 1. 5
Task 2. 5
Task 3. 6
What you need to submit for this assessment 6
How to submit your assessment 6
Units This assessment counts towards completion of unit/s:
ICTICT401Determine and Confirm Business Requirements How you will be assessed Possible results for this assessment are:
S- Satisfactory U – Unsatisfactory. You will be asked to resubmit the assessment. F – Fail.
To achieve a Satisfactory,you must successfully complete all tasks.
Please note!
You will FAILthis assignment if you copy someone else’s work. This is called plagiarism and includes copying from: another student. If it is proved that you have copied another student’s work you may be excluded from your course. a website without making reference to that website. an article on a website, in a journal or newspaper, whether printed or online without making reference to where that article is from and who has written it. Information about plagiarism and instructions about how to include a reference to material you have used from another source is available on the OLS.
If you are still unsure about what plagiarism is or how to do referencing contact the IT Help Desk before you submit your assignment.
How this assessment will be marked
This assignment will be marked by a teacher using a copy of the marking guide below to provide you with feedback about your completed assignment.
Use this guide to ensure you have attempted each part of each Task in this assignment before you submit your work on the OLS.

You must receive a result of Satisfactory in all tasks in order to achieve a Satisfactory result in this assignment
Resources To complete this assessment you will need to:
DiamondVideo_Initbrief.doc DiamondVideo_Interview.doc DiamondVideo_JADSession.doc What you have to do
You must complete all parts of the Tasks for this assignment.
IT Solutions is a fictional software company.
You have been employed as a systems analyst by the software company IT Solutions. This company provides software solutions to small businesses that do not have their own information technology personnel. It has a staff of systems analysts, programmers and testers, as well as the necessary support staff.
The company has received a request from John Vandrine, Manager of Diamond Video Rentals, a DVD/video store in a large rural town, for an investigation into the needs of the business and an opportunity to computerise some or all of the day to day business of their store. The aim is to make the store more efficient and to provide better customer service. You have now been assigned to work on the Diamond Video project. Task 1 To make sure you understand the structure of the business, prepare an organisational chart of Diamond Videos.
Prepare and save this chart using MS PowerPoint and save as Task1_DV_org.ppt Task 2 To establish an understanding of Diamond Video’s problem, you firstly need to understand the business and organisation. Write a paragraph explaining their current system and problems. What methods would you use to investigate their current system? Suggest three methods, with details for each method, and which staff members would be included in your investigations. What questions would you ask John to help you gather information about his expectations and requirements?
Set this out in the form of a Questionnaire, with his (imaginary) replies.
Submit as a Word document Save as Task2_ Problem.doc Task 3 With the information from Task 1 and the information in the documents provided, you should be able to produce a draft Problem Statement which you will submit to John Vandrine for approval.
The statement should contain the following sub-headings: System Background Description of problem (in detail) Scope Objectives – list what will be possible with a computerised system Constraints Complete as a Word document save asTask3_P_Statement.doc
What you need to submit forthis assessment For this assessment you must submit the following files compressed (zipped) as Client Management
Task1_DV_org.ppt Task 2_ Problem.doc Task 3_ P_Statement.doc
Note: You must keep your own copy of this file. How to submit your assessment Using the OLS: Go to the Assessment Information page forthe unit listed below: ICTICT401 Determine and Confirm Business Requirements Submit yourfileusing the Submit button namedasClient Management 4-1

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