Create a web page with a form that is used for signing up new site members….

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Create a web page with a form that is used for signing up new site members.
The form should use a textbox for the user's name, radio buttons for the user's
desired membership type, and a drop list for the user's preferred background color.
See the demo video.

The value attributes of the radio buttons must be 0, 1, and 2. You may use the colors
shown in the demo video or your own colors, butthe value attributes you use for
the background color option tags must be 2-letter abbreviated codes(picked by you).
Example: Yellow

Start the script by creating an array to hold the membership types, and a hash that
uses the option tag attribute values as keys for the full color names. Use the radiobutton
parameter to get the membership type and the option tag value to get the background
color. The three data items should be stored in one cookie that willexpire in seven days.
The CGI script that creates the cookie should alsodisplay a linkto a second CGI script.
This second script should generate a page that welcomes the new member and shows
the chosen membership type.The background color of this page should be as specified
by the user back in the form. See the short (no sound) video as an example.

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