final research paper the effects of fake news on our society

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Description:Your research paper is the culminating activity of this class. It is an in-depth examination of an issue related to media and culture and should have a clear main controlling idea, or thesis, that you support with evidence and logical reasoning.

Details:The Research Paper should:

  • Be typewritten
  • Include a total of ten sources, at least three of which should be academic(I will provide this)
  • Conform to MLA style (with special instructions outlined below)
  • Include a title page, an outline and a works cited page

The four main elements of the research paper should be in the following order:

Title Page. The title page is its own page and should include the following information, centered on the page:

  1. The title of your paper
  2. Your name
  3. My name
  4. Class (English 102)
  5. Date

Outline. This should be a version of the outline you handed in, modified and updated to conform to the final version of your paper. It should be in outline format and include the same basic elements as your Outline/Introduction assignment. For more information on that, see the attached below. Your outline should be single-spaced. Do not include the title at the top of the page for your outline. Instead, simply write this: Outline.

Paper. This should be double-spaced. You don’t need the identifying information at the top left because you have a title page, but you do need to include a header with your last name and the running page number at the upper right. Repeat the title at the top of the page where the text of the paper itself begins. Be sure to include in-text citations for the sources you use. This part of the paper should be 10 to 15 pages.

Works Cited. This comes at the very end and should list the sources you use for your paper, in alphabetical order. You should have a minimum of 10 sources, three of which should be academic. Do not include annotations with the entries on your works cited page. That was just for the annotated bibliography.

I have included an example of a student research paper(I can give it to you if you need)

Research Paper Grade Breakdown

Strong thesis, clear main points 25
Logical arguments and discussions 25
Good mix and use of sources 20
All elements of paper present 10
MLA format and research paper format 10
Grammar, spelling, syntax, etc. 10

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