The following table contains un-normalized data relating to a student’s registration information…. 1 answer below »

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The following table contains un-normalized data relating to a student’s registration information. Use the process of normalization, described in Chapter 11, to create a final database design. See specific Instructions below. ? This process will require the creation of additional tables and fields ? You may give the new tables any legal database name, but they should be descriptive of the entity they represent StudentNo Advisor AdvRoom Class 1022 Jones 412 101-07 143-01 159-02 4123 Smith 216 201-01 211-02 214-01 2915 Miller 318 143-01 3806 Jones 412 101-07 214-01 1871 Graham 408 159-02 162-03 Standard Notation for the Table: Student(StudentNo, Advisor, AdvRoom, Class1, Class2, Class3) Assumptions ? A student can have 0, 1, or many classes ? A student can have only ONE advisor ? An advisor can have 0, 1, or many students ? Make sure all primary and foreign keys are properly identified as well as the relationships. Instructions: ? (1) Go through the steps in the Normalization Process to normalize the data in the above table. ? (2) Create an Entity-Relationship (E-R) Diagram using the Information Engineering (IE) style. (Use MS Paint or PowerPoint drawing tools). Points will be deducted for hand-drawn/scanned diagrams. ? (3) Create a table description for each table in the format of the example below. This can be included in your PowerPoint on a separate slide or in a separate Word document. You must use a table to hold this information. ? (4) Once your design is complete, create an Access database using the table descriptions you created in Step 3. You will use ALL original data from this handout, but you will need to make up data for any additional tables you create. Be sure to create all the relationships (in the Access Relationships Window) described in your E-R Diagram. Your database must use the same field sizes and data types used in the table description. When grading, I will compare the database tables to the table descriptions you provided, and they MUST match. Thus, if you do not submit the table descriptions, you will not only lose those points, but also significant points for the database since I was unable to compare them. ? (5) Submit all files to the Canvas assignment on their respective due dates. On the last due

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