Help with Discussion Classmate #1 I would consider myself to have a moderate knowledge of the Old…

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Help with Discussion

Classmate #1 I would consider myself to have a moderate knowledge of the Old Testament. I have read the entire Bible from beginning to end through a disciplined reading plan and covered all the scriptures a minimum of one other time. I have further studied scriptures most of my life and have read several works from Christian apologists along with some commentaries on the Bible. I do have a gap in knowledge of historical context to place the scriptures in. I hope this class helps to fill this gap and or gives me the tools to properly seek this knowledge.

“The Old Testament is a set of texts that originated among the people who, at differing times in their history, have been called Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews, and which became their sacred scriptures.” (Tullock, & McEntire, 2012). What are these sacred scriptures? I never really thought of this question much growing up. I did grow up in the south with a Christian influence. I went to Southern Baptist churches growing up with my grandparents mostly, friends sometimes, seldom with my parents, and always with whatever girl I was interested in getting to know. As an adult I have began to study the Bible with a more critical mind. The best answer I have for the main message and purpose of the Old Testament is to establish God as the supreme being who created the universe, established the rules upon which it is governed both physically and morally, and set forth a plan to see this establishment succeed in his delight knowing that his very creation may be choose to fail regardless of his instruction and intervention. When it comes to questions related to the Old Testament I have many.

“One of the great mysteries of the Bible is the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord “ (Ehrlich, T. D., 2012). This along with the accounts of the Angels walking among the earth, having relations with sons of man, their offspring, the location of the Garden of Eden in modern times, and many others. One last question that I have related to the old Testament that may actually be possible to answer is I would like a map of scriptures in the Old Testament and the correlating scriptures in the New Testament. I know some of these questions may seem trivial but these are the things that excite me about the Bible when I am not looking for guidance and at some level I am looking for something to be found so concrete that the Bible cannot be denied.

“The process of canonization took place over a long period of time” (Tullock, & McEntire, 2012). This is to say that the creation of the Old Testament took place over a long period of time and was created by a variety of authors. I believe the as with many stories of events that happened throughout history they were first passed down through oral format. Eventually these stories became widespread enough and reached the right person to record the stories in written format.

Classmate #2

The Old Testament was developed out of circumstances and events based on the life of the people of Israel (Tullock and McEntire, 2012). It was written in the language of Hebrew. The time span of the history of the Old Testament was from 1200 B.C.E. to 200 B.C.E. (Tullock and McEntire, 2012). In 1535 C.E., the Old Testament was translated into English (Tullock and McEntire, 2012). II Peter the first chapter, verse 21 confirmed that God was the initiator of the process that led to the writing (Chapell, 2016). It suggested that the development of the Old Testament was a historical process (Chappell, 2016). Without the Old Testament, we would not understand the original problem to which Jesus is the solution. However, there were a lot of things misinterpreted and mistranslated when translated the language into English. In both the Old and New Testament, not all of the translators understood the figures of speech used in the Hebrew languages at the time (Harmon, 2017). Nonetheless, several questions have surfaced about the Old Testament. As believers, we understand that reading the scripture is essential to following Jesus. By being familiar with the Old Testament, it determines how we understand and impact other people in our everyday life (Harmon, 2017). If God has your heart you do not seek to impress others, but you have a desire for Jesus to impact the world around you through you. First and foremost some questions still remain unanswered. The most mind bottling question is the existing of humanity. Despite Adam and Eve unity and family, where did other human beings come from?

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